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Susana Brown, the artist.

As a child Susana was always interested in drawing and painting, but it wasn't until she was in her 40's that she had the opportunity to study at Amersham College of Art.  For four years, she studied drawing, painting and sculpture and was awarded the Bucks Higher Diploma in Art and Design.  Since then, she has had very successful exhibitions in Henley, Oxon.,and after moving to Spain, various painting exhibitions in the Barcelona area where much of her work was sold.

She remains fascinated by the human face and the myriad of emotions it can express.  Her love of trees and nature in general, is often a theme of her work, and sometimes, she combines these two loves.  She and her husband love to travel and some of her paintings are a result of these trips.

She now lives in Telscombe Cliffs with her husband, who also paints and sculpts.

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